A fan is an everyday object which we hardly notice around, unless absent. Considering the climate in India, we simply cannot survive the summer without a fan. We use a variety of fans like ceiling fans, pedestal fans, table fans, exhaust fans etc. in our everyday lives to cool ourselves down.

However, after all a fan is a electrical device with a motor which rotates the blades of the fan. Like every other motor, fans too can be noisy. It is important to manufacture fans that are silent in operation as silent fans have many advantages. In order to make a silent fan, one must not only consider using a silent motor, but also use the correct angle of the fan blades, perfectly fitted fan cap, symmetrical alignment of the fan blades etc. A noisy fan can prove to be a huge nuisance enough to disturb our normal life.

Practically, every room in our homes has a ceiling fan. The living rooms, generally need multiple fans to cover larger areas. Our homes are a mirror of our lifestyle and wealth. A noisy fan can completely ruin how guests who visit our homes perceive our lifestyle. A noisy fan in the living room would make our home look cheap and would draw the attention of our guests on the sound rather than other things that are beautiful. It also acts as a barrier in normal conversation as the noise constantly disturbs the individuals talking in the room.

A silent fan in the living room would, would make our home look peaceful and serene. Habitants can have listen to music, watch the television or have a conversation without being disturbed.

A noisy fan is extremely irritating while watching television, forcing us to turn up the volume of the TV to be able to hear and comprehend well. Replacing a noisy fan with a high quality durable silent fan would not cost much, but would make a huge difference in our every day life.

A noisy and irritating fan in a bedroom can be very disturbing when one is trying to get a good night’s sleep. Sound sleep is the key to good health in today stressful life which would be hampered by a noisy fan. This simple machine, which we hardly notice, need to be of the best quality and should be fit well to ensure a hassle free everyday life. Before selecting a fan, one should make sure that is noise free at low and high speeds and the fittings are not loose.



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