The summer sun is heating up our homes and making us all reach for the Air Conditioners remote. But do we really need an air conditioner. The AC is an amazing appliance to keep us cool, but it is not the only way. Ceiling fans too are quite effective and much economical as compared to AC's

'Fan is a machine with rotating blades that is used to create flow within a fluid, normally a gas such as air for cooling or ventilation, whereas air conditioner is a machine which removes warm air and replaces it with cooler and humid air by treating air in a defined, generally an enclosed area via a refrigeration cycle.

Fans and Air conditioners work fundamentally different ways however are used for similar purpose of cooling down individuals in a room. The cost of operation of a fan is far less than that of air conditioners. A typical window AC unit runs on 1.2 Kilo Watts whereas a high speed ceiling fan runs on a mere 30 Watts! The AC consumes a whopping 3900% more power than the ceiling fan.

On a sunny day, when mercury is rising it makes more sense in running the AC and fan in tandem. This would not only help in circulating the cool air but also help in cooling a larger area in lesser time. The combination of fan and AC would also help in less power consumption as compared to running the AC all by itself.

Air Conditioners are not only massive in size, cumbersome to transport and install, but they also draw more power as compared to compact, easy to transport fans. Air Conditioners need to be maintained regularly and one needs to clean the filters and refill gas, and clean the Air Conditioners frequently. Fans on the other hand are very easy to maintain, as all one needs to do is clean the blades with a moist cloth.

Air Conditioners are also very harmful to the environment and have greater carbon footprint as compared to fans. Air Conditioners consume much more power and also release very harmful chloro flouro carbons CFCs in the atmosphere. These CFCs end up destroying the precious ozone layer which protects us from harmful cosmic radiations. Fans on the other hand consume far lesser electricity and do not release harmful gases.



21 Oct


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