Designer Fans With New Unique Designs

In keeping with the current trend of designer looks, we give you a new way to look at your ceiling. With ceiling fans that are unique, complements the design of your room, and come with the Anemos warranty.
Our wide variety of unique ceiling fans can match any kind of décor. Unique designer fans for any kind of room- living areas, bedrooms, even outdoors and the pation. Whether the room has a high ceiling, or needs a hugger fan to fit a low ceiling space. If your room reflects a modern, chrome and steel or minimal look. Or you would like to replicate nature, there are designer blades that replicate palm fronds or bamboo leaves, in finishes like walnut, teak or mahogany. Would you like to bring back styles of a bygone era, we even have designer antiqued fans modernised for your comfort. Each fan is in limited numbers, so they remain unique to your style, your room, and reflect your taste.
At Anemos, we keep original pieces from international brands like fanimation, Ital Expo, Minka, the house of Vento, The Modern Fan Company, among others. Standard ceiling fans are now a thing of the past, it’s time to look at your ceiling differently.
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