Modern Fan Designs For A Luxury Decor

The trend in our modern appliances, electronics and gadgets says lesser is better. Sleeker, lighter, more packed with features than ever before, the ceiling fans at Anemos follows the trend too. In keeping with the current trend of designer looks, we give you a new way to look at your ceiling. With ceiling fans that are unique, complements the design of your room, and come with the Anemos warranty. Never will you look at your ceiling in the same way, again.

Whether you choose the fan that has no hard edges. Or a fan styled after the futuristic Star Wars franchise. Or maybe the Chandel-aire range, which is designed with the elegance of a chandelier b ut functions as a fan. The common theme of all the fans is that each piece is a designer piece, all fans are limited in numbers to remain unique. And you can find the fan that complements your look perfectly, whether in the living areas, the bedrooms or even outdoors or the patio. Whether it is meant for a small space, or with low ceilings that make a hugger style perfect. And there are even bladeless fans for homes with children. Happy browsing!

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  1. Fino BN
    Ceiling Fan| Fino | At 13 inches (330mm) and weighing just 4.8 kilograms, the chic Fino is the smallest fan in the range. Learn More
  2. Libellula
  3. Mela
    Ceiling fan | Mela | This fan in chrome finish has four clear retractable plastic blades and a circular fluorescent tube light at the center. Learn More
  4. Nestro
    Ceiling fan | Nestro Roman | Contemporary design with 4 ribbon blades. Comes with a standard color adjustable LED light controlled by a remote. Learn More
  5. SOLE RB
    Ceiling fan| Sole| The Sole is a ceiling fan with five curved blades, which spin around a central lamp like rays of glorious sunlight. Learn More
  6. Stainless Steel
    Ceiling fan| Stainless Steel| Coastal & tropical use 316 marine grade stainless steel four blade fan. Learn More
  7. Air Decor
    Ceiling Fan| Air Decor| Quality Design, clean lines and a blend of good old-fashioned values and modern efficiency. Learn More
  8. Belle Epoque
    Ceiling Fan | Belle Époque | Finland introduced the ceiling fan flower boutique, with its elegant and refined design to resemble a hand fan. Learn More
  9. Chintoo 26 OB
    Ceiling Fan| Chinto| The Chinto Fan is perfect for smaller spaces such as bathrooms, dens, closets and pantry. Learn More

Items 1-9 of 121

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