Vintage Fan Designs For A Luxury Decor

In keeping with the current trend of designer looks, we give you a new way to look at your ceiling. With ceiling fans that are unique, complements the design of your room, and come with the Anemos warranty.

Each piece makes a statement about your taste, your preferences and your choices. All the fans in this category are antiqued, and have been thoughtfully designed to combine classic beauty with super efficiency. For instance the double fan system with twin rotors, or the lazy looking punkhah fans redolent of the times with no electricity. All the fans have a super modern mechanism making them quiet, efficient cooling systems they are meant to be. And, some even have options for blades, so you can match the mahogany of your room, or even the potted plant in the corner with your ceiling fan. Some are even designed to function as an elegant chandelier, with a fan built in.
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