5 Trends in Designer Fan Industry You Should Look Out for

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From basic mechanical electric fans to designer fans that add to the aesthetic value, the fan industry has come a long way. Today, the industry offers countless options to choose from. One can easily get fans of different sizes and designs depending on their needs.

Here are 5 top trends in the fan industry that you should look out for:

  1. Bladeless Fans

Unlike its traditional counterpart, the bladeless fan has blades hidden at the base of the model. This gives the fan its sleek and modern look. The fan uses a brushless electric motor that rotates its asymmetrically aligned blades and minimizes noise. These hidden blades draw in air evenly from the surroundings, multiply its speed and release a steady stream of cool air.

 A Bladeless fan has a lot of advantages:

  • It is compact and requires less space
  • It is easier to clean
  • It is remote controlled
  • It is energy efficient
  • It is noiseless 

There are different types of bladeless fans available online with varied designs and colors on Anemos. This includes pedestal, table, and wall mounting bladeless fans.

  1. Vintage Fans

Gone are the days when one could only see vintage fans in big spaces like hotel lobbies, old monuments, and households. Today, people who have a special interest in art and antiquity can buy vintage fans to enhance the aesthetic value of their spaces.

Several Vintage fans are built using traditional punkah (fan) designs and function using digitally controlled stepper motor or AC motor. 

The vintage fans at Anemos are a beautiful blend of old and new.  We incorporate classic designs and modern technology to ensure high efficiency in our vintage fans.

The wide varieties of vintage fans include Nostalgia OB Ceiling Fan with wooden curved blades, Flute Ceiling Fan which is inspired by neoclassical fluted columns,  Vintage Ceiling Fan with a Matt black finish, Punkah Wall Fan made out of Natural palm leaf with a body finish of antique brass and Victoria Ceiling fan with a white blade finish.

Pro Tip:  Vintage Fans in white are best suited for Fusion and modern homes.


  1. Speciality Bespoke Fans

The latest trend in the fan industry is Bespoke fans. These premium fans are grabbing the attention of people who love to decorate their homes with luxurious products.  

If you are someone who loves to decorate your space with elegant and decorative objects then you should definitely opt for Speciality Bespoke Fans. A few bespoke fans we have at Anemos are Duplo Dinamico Ceiling Fan, Brisa Ceiling fan with wooden blades and Italo Ventania Bronze Ceiling Fan available in green, light blue, dark blue, purple, gold, orange, and red. 

  1. Chandelier Fan

A chandelier with a fan? With dual functionality, these ceiling fans with lights add a certain charm to the area they are installed in. If you have a liking for fancy ceiling fans then you must check out chandelier fans from the World of Anemos.

Best suited for dining rooms, these fans light up the dining area and spread air uniformly to all corners of the room. Apart from being multifunctional, they are also energy and cost efficient and come with remote control.

Some of our favorite chandelier fans are Diamante BN Ceiling Fan with a body finish of brushed nickel, Aura Ceiling Fan with a black body finish and Chandel 1 Ceiling fan with a body finish of rubbed bronze.


  1. Compact fans

In cities like Mumbai where people live in extremely small apartments, compact fans not only fit well in the rooms but also give a sophisticated look. These contemporary fans can also be installed in cozy little reading rooms, walk-in wardrobes, sit out areas and dry kitchens.

Depending on the aesthetic of your room, you can choose either wall fans that have evolved over the years or ceiling fans with remote control and lights. With a capacity of 300 RPM (Revolutions per Minute), Chintoo 26 H Ceiling Fan is one of the best-selling compact fans. 

*Bonus Trend* 

Here is a bonus trend that you must look out for in the coming future 

  1. Low ceiling fans

With more and more people moving to compact homes, the need of the hour is low ceiling fans. At Anemos, we keep up with the changing times and hence have a special collection of handpicked low ceiling fans; Hugger Ceiling Fans for our customers.

Available in different designs and colors, Hugger fans are extremely efficient with up to 260 RPM (Revolutions per minute).  However, our personal favorite Hugger fan is the Jive Hugger Light AB Ceiling Fan with an antique brass body finish. It is best suited for modern homes and also comes with a remote for light and speed of the fan for your convenience. 



 Caught a fan trend? Let us know your favorite one in the comment section below.

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