Wall fans

Unlike ceiling fans, a wall fan is enclosed in a cage, so that the blades do not injure those passing by. Unlike ceiling fans, the wall fans are mounted around eye level and are used more for a part or a section of the room. And unlike ceiling fans, the wall units swivel to increase the range where it can reach. 

While being less efficient in terms of range, wall fans are again becoming popular- for your personal space. Be it your library, your dry kitchen or even your verandah sit out areas, they fit perfectly when the ceiling is too far. Especially with the easy availability of the air conditioning units, a wall fan makes perfect sense today. 
Our wall fans range from the classic designs, to the modern. While these look old fashioned, fortunately, the fans themselves have been modernised while retaining the retro look. Allowing you to experiment with classic lines, without compromising on the efficiency.