Wall fans

Unlike ceiling fans, a wall fan is enclosed in a cage, so that the blades do not injure those passing by. Unlike ceiling fans, the wall fans are mounted around eye level and are used more for a part or a section of the room. And unlike ceiling fans, the wall units swivel to increase the range where it can reach. 

While being less efficient in terms of range, wall fans are again becoming popular- for your personal space. Be it your library, your dry kitchen or even your verandah sit out areas, they fit perfectly when the ceiling is too far. Especially with the easy availability of the air conditioning units, a wall fan makes perfect sense today. 
Our wall fans range from the classic designs, to the modern. While these look old fashioned, fortunately, the fans themselves have been modernised while retaining the retro look. Allowing you to experiment with classic lines, without compromising on the efficiency.

Why we love wall fans? 

Anemos wall fans are the perfect solution for applications and locations where other types of fans, such as pedestal fans and ceiling fans, don’t work. Whether you have a floor or ceiling space issue, you will find Anemos wall mount fans to be the best solution for your situation. Wall fans are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to ceiling fans and pedestal fans, and are great for homes, outdoor spaces, home gyms, and garages. Before buying wall mount fans, you must understand that not all of these fans available in the market under different brands are created equal. Anemos offers you an unrivalled variety to choose a wall fan that is suitable for your application. 

Wall mount fans for every room and application 

Wall mount fans are a solution to most of your worries related to space required to install fans. They are an ideal fit for most spaces inside your home, including bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoor spaces.

While choosing the best wall fan for bedrooms, make sure that you define the purpose of buying that fan before doing anything else. Whether you are buying this fan because you don’t have enough space for a ceiling fan or because you are looking to accentuate the aesthetics of your bedroom – the answer to this question will help you move in the right direction. Anemos offers wall fans for bedrooms as well as room to room exhaust wall fans for people, who re on the lookout for fans that can be mounted in the passage between two rooms for ensuring proper ventilation.

Wall fans for living room not only serve the purpose of a fan that doesn’t need floor or ceiling space but also contribute to the theme of your living room. This is why it becomes all the more important to choose a fan only after ensuring that it goes well with the décor or theme of your living room. Wall fans for bathroom have a separate function in addition to the usual space-related advantage. They are also used as exhaust fans. So, it is very important for you to select bathroom wall exhaust fans that offer both these advantages. Wall fans for kitchen are used for the same purpose.

Outdoor wall fans are used in both residential as well as commercial spaces. Residential outdoor fans are installed to provide fresh and cool air in the areas that are built as extension to your home, such as outdoor sheds. On the other hand, commercial outdoor wall mount fans are installed in the outdoor spaces of commercial spaces like restaurants. They are put in gathering spots to allow convenient dining and socialising. These fans are ideal for commercial spaces that have a limited outdoor area available to them. Best outdoor wall mount fans by Anemos are the perfect solution for potential problems like limited space, heat, and occupancy.

How to choose the best wall fan?

If you want to choose the best wall fan for your application and needs, you would be required to consider several factors. A wall fan for your living room may or may not be the right option for your bedroom or bathroom. So, you will have to keep in mind the specific requirements of the space or room that you will be installing the wall fan in to ensure that you make the right purchase, and don’t end up buying a fan that doesn’t serve the purpose at all. There are certain features or specifications that every wall comes with. You need to match those with your own requirements. This will make your fan buying experience a lot simpler than it usually is. Some of the important considerations include the size of the wall fan, mounting arrangements, mounting area or location, and fan efficiency amongst others. Let us now discuss these points in some detail. 

Wall mounted fan size: There are no specific rules to sizing a wall fan for a space. You just need to review the space, the wall that the fan needs to be mounted on, and the required cubic feet per minute or CFM to perform this job. Like ceiling fans, wall fans are also available in different sizes. There are 10 inch wall mount fans, 12 inch wall fans, 14 inch wall fans in addition to several other sizes. You can choose a fan that you think will be suitable for your space.

When you are buying a wall mount fan, size is amongst the most important to consider. You should make a decision on the size of the fan depending on the area of the room the fan will be installed in. Larger rooms will require wall fans that are bigger in size to properly move air around the space in question. The sizes mentioned above are all fit for residential purposes but too small for commercial applications. Commercial wall fans need to be around 30inch in size.

CFM is another factor that will help you find the right wall fan for your space. You will be fist required to calculate the volume of the space where the fan needs to be installed and then multiply this figure by the air exchanges that are recommended for that space. The CFM for a space can then be determined by dividing this value by 60. For a 3,600 cubic foot or 450 sq. ft space, a fan with 360 CFM will suffice. Similarly, for a 1100-1200 sq. ft space, a 1000 CFM wall mount exhaust fan will be sufficient. 

Fan usage – indoor or outdoor: Wall mount fans are a better alternative to ceiling fans inside and outside residential as well as commercial spaces. People who prefer wall fans over ceiling pedestal fans choose to go this way in light of the space that is available to them. Residential spaces, indoor or outdoor, often have smaller and tighter spaces to work with. Whether the space is tightly constructed or angled, the issue of proper ventilation exists in both cases. This is where wall mount fans provide an easy solution. They generate sufficient air flow throughout the space, even into corners. So, if you are looking for additional air circulation to deal with room stuffiness, there is no better alternative than wall fans. On the other hand, they are also the right option for different outdoor spaces as well. Whether you are looking for a wall mount fan for residential outdoor areas or commercial outdoor spaces, there are plenty of options available for you to choose from. Make sure that you keep the size of the space outdoor space in mind when selecting a wall mount fan for that area. 

Fan speed: This is another important factor to look for when buying a wall mount fan. A fan that can be operated at variable is the one you should go for. Fixed speed fans are not viable for every space. Depending on the weather as well as people inclinations, fans with variable speeds are the best bet. Some people like fans that run on full speed through the year while other prefer fans to operate at low speed when the weather is cool – variable speed fans give you an option to switch the speed as per your need.

Oscillation: This is again a useful feature that a wall mount fan should have. No matter what application you need a wall fan for, oscillation that can be switched on and off provides you an easier way to widen the reach of the air flow. With the oscillation control in your hands, you can either make it throw air in different direction or fixed the air flow to the desired direction. 

Build quality: Different build quality is needed for different applications. Lightweight wall mount fans are great for domestic or office spaces. They aren’t the right alternative when it comes to commercial or industrial applications. Heavy duty industrial wall fans are costlier than those that are built for domestic applications. They are more tough and durable as well. However, every wall fan needs to be solid in its construction. There are fans that come with metal cased motors, moulded plastic fan blades, protective cage round the blades. These are less prone to damage. Not all wall mounted fans available in India are built equal. One of the most renowned names when it comes to providing high-quality wall fans is Anemos. The company is known for making the best use of innovation and efficient manufacturing to deliver wall fans and other types of fans to meet the diverse needs of customers countrywide. In addition, Anemos builds fans that use a powerful motor that doesn’t heat up, even on being used for hours on a stretch. Walls fans from Anemos save energy and are better in terms of air delivery.

Additional features to look out for 

Some other features that you will not find in every wall fan model include timer and remote control. Wall fans with remote aren’t too easy to find. This could be looked at as a fancy feature that may or may not be too popular with customers. If you buy the best wall fan with remote, make sure that an alternative mechanical means of controlling the operation of the fan is also present. The timer feature is mostly found in wall fans used in residential purposes. The ideal here is to allow users to set a time after which they want the fan to switch off automatically without requiring manual or remote control. 

There are several applications where wall fans are used. Whatever the requirement, domestic, commercial, or industrial, wall mount fans or exhausts are available to fulfil those with fans that are made exactly for that purpose. Even if you are looking for antique wall fans or vintage look wall fan to complete your antique or vintage living room theme, Anemos has wall fans even for this needs.

 Walls are a very important part of your home or commercial space. You pay so much attention to choose the right colour scheme or wallpapers to be used on walls to make them look more attractive and to bring them in order with other parts of your space. Choosing the right wall mount fans is as important a task, if not more. Anemos provides you ample options and a convenient way of shopping for wall fans online.