Designer ceiling fan

About Anemos

Revered in ancient Greece, the ‘Anemoi’ were wind Gods who were each ascribed a cardinal direction from which their respective winds came. Together, they had the power to hold sway over various seasons and weather conditions. Anemos is more than a lifestyle store for connoisseurs of fine design. Anemos is an evolution that pays homage to the wind Gods of lore and legend.

Travelling through history, Anemos is a modern nod to ceiling fans that effortlessly balance style and functionality. From wonderful vintage fans, table fans and wall fans to remote control fans and DC fans that embrace the cutting edge of technology, Anemos is an ode to an often-under-appreciated decorative element that can actually define an entire space. Here the humble fan is no longer the modest or meek workhorse it once was — it is a thing of beauty. Entirely worthy of worship. Old friends Nipoon Agrawal and Rajkumar Jain have carefully curated this labour of love since 2005.

Their impeccable taste and keen eye for design ensures that you will find the best of what the world has to offer in this arena under one roof at any Anemos store across India. Purveyors of luxury and aficionados themselves, Nipoon and Rajkumar have redefined the way one looks at decorating a home — simply by elevating the previously humble fan into a breath-taking focal point.

From the modern version of an ancient punkha, to unique pieces that replicate the swaying of palm fronds, Anemos houses fans from world-renowned brands like Vento and Fanimation. The works of internationally acclaimed designers including Oliver Kessler, Karim Rashid & George Kovacs can be found here too. Then there are the bladeless beauties from Dyson, besides ‘chandel-aires’ that double up as ceiling fans with glamorous lights attached. Every piece at Anemos is handpicked as much for its decorative strengths as for its utility and energy efficiency.

Enter Anemos, to say goodbye to those white, noisy, industrial, boring three-bladed beasts one rarely looks at. It is time to embrace the endless potential of a designer fan.