Best Pedestal or Stand Fans


From keeping cool in the summer, to adding a light breeze in a stuffy corner at any time of the year, there are many reasons why you may want a pedestal fan. Portability, however, is usually the foremost reason why everyone loves pedestal fans. You can move these self-standing fans from one room to another with no difficulty and some are even rated for outdoor use. Better still, pedestal fans are energy efficient, they allow you an amazing amount of flexibility, and they take up very little floor space, while providing great cooling and comfort.


Floor fans and pedestal fans can be moved wherever they are needed, so they work best literally wherever you need them! Often called standing fans because of their self-standing feature, these fans are ideal in rooms where you may want air circulation in a specific direction. For example, while your kitchen may already have a ceiling fan, you may not always be able to use it because the air from the ceiling fan may blow out the flame on your gas stove. With a pedestal fan, you can avoid this problem by channelling the airflow in a way that it keeps you cool without disturbing the stove. 

Pedestal fans are also perfect for areas where you do not need a fan permanently. Perhaps you need a fan in your garage once in a while, or in your store room, or even out on your terrace — a portable pedestal fan can be carried from one place to another depending on your requirement, so you can stay cool no matter where you are.

A large room that already has a ceiling fan may sometimes need a little extra air circulation. For instance, if you have many guests and your ceiling fan isn’t adequately cooling everyone, then a pedestal fan could come in handy. It is useful to note that large rooms would benefit from tall standing fans, as this broadens the area that the fan can cover. 

Many business offices and home offices opt to have air conditioning and choose not to install any ceiling fans at all. Often, people realise later that they would rather have a fan, since fans are more energy efficient. At this point, the best solution to achieve a reduction of energy costs is the plug-and-play flexibility of an air circulator pedestal fan.

A small room with a ceiling that is too low to even accommodate a hugger fan or a flush-mount ceiling fan, would benefit greatly from a stand fan. Anemos stocks pedestal fans that range in height from 40 inches onwards — check out the Swan Pedestal Fan and the Bladeless 5A Mist Fan, if you are looking for a floor fan of this height. With a diameter of only six inches and a height of 54 inches, the Bladeless 6H Pedestal Fan is a sleek standing fan, powered by an AC motor. From the Bladeless 6H to the Outdoor Stand Pedestal Fan that has a 52 inch diameter, Anemos stocks floor fans in a wide range of sizes.

Given their versatility and variable dimensions, pedestal fans are perfect for improving ventilation at lower levels. Since these standing fans do not need any permanent installation, you can enjoy their broad coverage and oscillating feature in any room of your home or office. Why wait to purchase one, when Anemos has so many gorgeous options available!


If you’ve decided you want a standing fan, but aren’t sure which is the best pedestal fan for you, keep these factors in mind. All the floor fans at Anemos are suitable for indoor use — from the Lewis Pedestal Fan to the Arden Pedestal Fan by Fanimation. If you are specifically looking for an outdoor pedestal fan, consider the feature-packed New Mist Pedestal Fan or the Outdoor Stand Pedestal Fan. Both are wet-rated and hence suitable for use outdoors. Always check the UL rating of a fan to verify if it is suitable for use indoors or outdoors.

Style is another key factor when it comes to the selection of any fan; be it a pedestal fan or a ceiling fan. The Lewis Pedestal Fan — standing tall at 56 inches — has an industrial vibe. With its dark body and galvanized blade finish, it adds a rustic ‘restoration’ charm to any space. Similar to the Lewis Pedestal Fan, the Jinling Stand Fan has an AC motor and an RPM of 1250. But with fan blades that match its antique brass body colour, the Jinling fan has a classic vintage appeal. Looking for a vintage pedestal fan or an antique standing fan? The Jinling Stand Fan is likely to be the model that will appeal to you. Again, like the Lewis Pedestal Fan, this floor fan also has its blades enclosed in a metallic cage — as a safety feature. 

Diametrically different from any antique style pedestal fans are the remote-operated bladeless Eiffel Pedestal Fans; available in two solid colours. The black Eiffel Pedestal Fan is as modern as they come: a slim and sleek combination of superb style and function. Being a bladeless fan, it is a safe choice for your children’s room; though you can also use it anywhere else in the house. At just over 51 inches in height, with a diameter of 15.74 inches, it generates impressive airflow, while being easy to clean. This is a standing fan with a remote control that is amongst the best available in its class.

Need a white standing fan? Opt for the Eiffel Pedestal Fan with a white body finish, or choose the Bladeless 5A Mist Pedestal Fan if you require a slightly smaller white floor fan that is also modern in style. The Anemos Bladeless 6H Pedestal Fan was recently featured in the Indian edition of GQ magazine and is a grey-blue beauty that combines a modern look with cutting edge technology, to deliver an irresistible, powerful package. Be sure to consider it, if you need a bladeless floor fan.

Along with the New Mist Pedestal Fan and the Swan Pedestal Fan, all the above — the Eiffel, the Bladeless 6H and the Bladeless 5A Mist — are standing fans with remote control functionality.

Alternatively, opt to embrace a tropical style with the Anemos Outdoor Stand Pedestal Fan or the Torrento Pedestal Fan. While the former is suited for outdoor use and comes with the added feature of lights, the latter is ideal for indoor use and has an inbuilt 20 inch table too!

Industrial, modern and tropical styles aren’t quite what you need? The Arden SN Pedestal Fan has its own handsome restoration appeal and may be exactly what you are looking for. It is an excellent size for living room and bedroom corners, and features a strong oscillating airflow that cools the entire room. We love its satin nickel body finish and three-legged walnut wood base — so reminiscent of an architect or photographer’s tripod. A three-speed rotary switch and eight inch power cord is included, but what makes the Arden SN Pedestal Fan so special is its look: it works brilliantly with transitional as well as classic décor.

Having considered UL ratings and style, don’t forget to keep pedestal fan sizes in mind while making your selection. Unlike a ceiling fan, choosing a floor fan is relatively easy because of the fixture’s portability. However, it still helps to be mindful of the diameter and height of the fan — especially if you have a specific spot in mind for it. It may seem obvious, but larger rooms require a bigger pedestal fan, while a petite floor fan will work perfectly in a smaller space like a breakfast nook or tiny pantry.


If you want the cooling and convenience of a portable pedestal fan, but don’t have the floor space for one, be sure to check out the various table fan and wall fan options available at Anemos. Ideal for desks and table tops, these fans are extremely mobile and efficient as well.

All company stand fan prices are listed alongside each pedestal fan. Buy yours online now.