Modern Table Fans

The fans go personal again! While ceiling fans work efficiently and keep the room cool, a table fan adds that extra bit for just you. In the once upon a time days, the table fans were the lifeline in any office, or even for mom in the kitchen, and we can imagine the creak and rattle from the black and white films of the era. But now, the personal table fans are creeping back in to fashion. Swivelling to face you, modern technology even makes the table fan with no downward draught to mess up your papers. Some in classical designs, others in high tech bladeless fans that are so popular. We even have table fans with a retro, flower child look. 

You can use these as accessories on your desk. Or to keep your little nook cool, maybe even where you watch your TV. Yes, the compact styles are great in the kitchen, especially on the islands away from the fire. Yes, we are bringing back the table fan, and each unit comes with the Anemos warranty.