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If you love the portability of a pedestal fan, you are sure to love the custom-cooling convenience of a desk or table fan. Starting with the 7 inch 8” Tripoli, these compact table fans can be comfortably positioned on your desk — or in a corner of your kitchen counter — to help you stay cool even on the hottest of days! Place one near your elliptical trainer at home and keep cool while you work out… the possibilities are endless. From a vintage look table fan to a sleek bladeless desk fan, there’s a staggering variety on offer at Anemos, to suit any décor need, design style or space. Browse our online store to choose your favourite now.


From an extensive office to a tiny study, table fans are suitable for any space that requires cooling at a close range. As opposed to ceiling fans that mount to a ceiling, or pedestal fans that are placed on the ground, table fans rest on elevated surfaces like desks and countertops. Even a small table fan packs a punch when it comes to cooling, because you can angle it to channel the air flow directly at you. Best of all, if you position a table fan near the window, it serves to pull in more fresh air.

Most table fans have two modes of operation: they can be aligned to concentrate air flow over a specific area in fixed mode, or they can circulate air around you, in rotary mode. It is important to note that desk fans cool people and not rooms — which is why they are sometimes referred to as personal fans as well.

Given their relatively small size (Anemos stocks models starting with a 7 inch diameter, going up to the 14.53 inch Portbrook table fan), desk fans can be accommodated in areas where space is limited. The main attraction of a table fan, however, stems from two other features: its portability and its ease of installation. A plug-in table fan can literally be carried from one room to another as per your requirement, and used in any place that has an electrical outlet.

Back in the day, table fans were often used in large offices, until central air-conditioning became the de facto standard. In recent times, however, table fans are making a comeback in commercial spaces for a variety of reasons. Often one needs to use only a limited area of the office when people are working overtime, so desk fans make it possible to keep cool without running central air-conditioning for an entire floor. While the energy savings for an organisation are significant, there is no compromise required on employee comfort either.

Now, with the advent of bladeless table fans (like the Dyson AM01), desk fans are sleeker and safer to use than ever. Bladeless table fans like the Dyson Heater AM-04 also serve the dual purpose of heating the air in winter months.

Home offices that may not have the required height for a ceiling fan, or floor space for a standing fan, can also benefit greatly from using a table fan. In some similar applications, a wall fan may also be suitable and Anemos stocks an extensive range of those as well.


Size does matter and most decisions on which portable table fan is best for you will be made on the basis of this parameter. With its compact 7 inch diameter, the Mini Jet is an imported mini table fan that is sure to attract attention. It has genuine retro appeal and it doesn’t rest on its laurels as a stylish table fan — it also features a 4-position rotary switch control and offers 3 different speed options. Its oscillating movement is ideal for air circulation, so you can create a cooling breeze in any room with this beauty. Moreover, it has a portable decorative handle, making it even easier to carry with you whenever required.

Also modern yet retro in its appeal is a 10 inch table fan that looks so much like a table clock, it’s called a Clock Fan. Encased in a cage for safety, the Clock Fan’s metal blades produce a pleasant draft (with an RPM of 950) that you can angle towards you for best effect. This one is cool in every sense of the word!

Looking for a 14 inch table fan? Mojo Brass designer desk fan has a slightly smaller diameter (measuring a precise 13.5 inches), but it looks gorgeous in antique brass and stands smart at 17.5 inches in height.

The Boum Table Fan has a 12 inch diameter and a height of 24 inches, but the real reason to love this AC motor fan is its galvanized body finish. If you are searching for a fan with an industrial look, this is the ideal choice. It also has an RPM of 1400, so expect to chill in style around this metallic masterpiece.

Beyond the antique table fan and vintage table top fan is a world of options, in a variety of sizes. While the Lewis Jr shares the exact size specifications of the Boum Table Fan, it merges a galvanized blade finish with an antique brass body finish. The result is a dry rated table fan that sits on the cusp of vintage, industrial and retro — making it extremely versatile from a design point of view.

Of all the table fans at Anemos, the Mojo Red & Mojo Green table fans are best for a children’s room because of their eye-catching colours. Any little princess is sure to love the light pink version, while the 4-bladed light blue desk fan works just as well in almost any setting. Both fans have a diameter of 9.5 inches and are as much a decorative item, as they are efficient personal cooling devices.

If you need a black desk fan, the oil rubbed bronze Portbrook table fan may be just the piece you are looking for, but the Blossom Bg is by far your best bet if a wood blade finish and antique brass body sounds more appropriate for your interiors. This AC motor fan has 4 blades for efficient air circulation and an unmatched old world charm, coupled with a convenient adjustable height feature. 

From industrial to contemporary and vintage to modern, you can choose the look and style that suits your décor best, having already considered size and colour. Also keep in mind that table fans are only suitable for dry use — unlike the many damp and wet rated outdoor fans available at Anemos, these desk fans are only meant for indoor use.

Of course there’s another big plus point to consider, with regard to table fans. On account of their compact size, desk fans are far more affordable than large pedestal or ceiling fans. The next time you are looking for an unusual gift for a loved one, why not consider a stylish and portable table fan? It’s likely to be the coolest idea you ever had!


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