Outdoor Ceiling Fans

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Why wait for perfect weather to use your terrace or patio, when you can add an outdoor ceiling fan and enjoy the space all year round? Say goodbye to stifling, still days and hello to breezy balconies, by investing in one of the world’s best outdoor ceiling fans. With an extensive range of wet and damp-rated designer ceiling fans by Fanimation and the Atlas Fan Company, Anemos adds style and comfort to your outdoors — giving you more space to live, love and laugh at home.


Whether you have a large terrace or a cosy patio where you love to curl up with a good book, Anemos has an outdoor ceiling fan that will suit your needs. While damp-rated fans can be used in covered outdoor spaces, wet-rated fans are truly outdoor fans that can withstand extended exposure to water. It is important to note this distinction, when choosing the fan that is right for your application. 

The Italo Ventania, Duplo Dinamico or Brisa fans are all damp-rated and designed specifically for covered outdoor use. Along with other designer fans like the Typhoon Ceiling Fan, these models are created to be durable and resistant to the elements; but they are not intended for open-to-sky usage.

Anyone in need of large outdoor ceiling fans should look no further than the wet rated Edgewood Deluxe fan, which has an impressive 60 inch diameter. While this is the largest outdoor ceiling fan we stock, the Xeno and Eliza ceiling fans, as well as the Brewmaster Long Neck Ceiling Fan, are also great options for large spaces. They are all available in a 56 inch diameter. The Eliza Ceiling Fan serves a dual purpose: it is also available as a flush mount outdoor ceiling fan, which is perfect when you have a large space but a low ceiling. A great combination of minimal design and maximum performance, the Eliza Hugger has a gloss white finish, with ABS plastic blades.

Anemos also stocks several small outdoor ceiling fans. The Aero — with its design inspired by the nose of an aircraft — has a diameter of only 18 inches, making it ideal for a tiny outdoor breakfast nook or wraparound balcony. The Anemos Chintoo fans are available in three colours and two sizes (26 inches and 36 inches), and they combine just the right touch of old world glamour with modern technology.


While available space and, by extension, size, is always an important point to consider when selecting any fan, you must also decide what works best with your décor. From sleek and functional contemporary fans like the Xeno and Hugh, to classic designs like the Edgewood Deluxe ceiling fan, you can choose from a variety of design styles. For all-year-long vacay vibes, we love the Belleria ceiling fan, with its woven bamboo blades and pull chain functionality. Install this 52 inch beauty if you want to believe you are in Bali every time you step outdoors! Best of all, whether you opt for the Belleria in matt white or aged bronze, these tropical masterpieces by Fanimation are wet rated, and suitable for use even in the rain! 

Even though they are extremely durable, not all outdoor fans should be fully exposed to the elements. To truly understand what fan is suitable in which outdoor area, you must familiarise yourself with the fan’s UL rating. The simplest way to start shortlisting the outdoor ceiling fan that is best suited to your needs, is to note which of these fans are damp rated and which are marked as ‘wet’. Damp rated outdoor ceiling fans can be safely installed in any fully covered and protected outdoor location — a covered balcony or terrace, for example. Although rated for damp use, exposure to water must be restricted. On the other hand, wet rated outdoor fans can be exposed to any form of moisture; be it from rain or even your garden hose. 

Apart from design styles and UL ratings, due consideration must be given to measuring a space before deciding on a particular outdoor ceiling fan. While taking exact measurements of the area where you plan to install a new wet or damp-rated ceiling fan, please remember to study the fan’s blade sweep or span (the full diameter) and the height between the floor and your ceiling. Ideally, at least 8 feet should be kept clear from the bottom of the fan. Anemos offers a range of low profile outdoor ceiling fans in the flush mount and hugger style that are suitable for spaces where the ceiling height is limited. The Eliza and Hugh models are particularly popular choices in this case. 

Other fan models like the Italo Ventania and the AR-Ruthaine Ceiling Fan come with a cage, providing an extra level of security — though they are not meant for low ceiling applications because of their length and drop. High ceiling applications require a fan with a down rod to suspend it, so that it circulates air at the right height. As a general rule of thumb, it is considered that for adequate air circulation, a fan’s blades should hang 8 inches or more from the ceiling. 

Also — and this is important — do keep in mind the proximity of light fixtures, while selecting a suitable fan based on diameter. Maintaining the incorrect distance between a moving fan and a light source is likely to cast shadows and that can be very visually disruptive.


While tropical style ceiling fans like the wet-rated Belleria instantly add an outdoorsy vibe with their large, leaf-like blades, many other fan models set the mood by adding a pop of colour to your space. Outdoor ceiling fan colours range from bronze, chrome, gold and nickel, to orange, red, blue, green and even purple. In fact, the amazing damp-rated Italo Ventania outdoor ceiling fans feature all the above colours! Brushed nickel, black and white are other commonly available colours across the Anemos selection of outdoor ceiling fans. Besides these, some outdoor ceiling fans combine colours when the body finish and blade finish are complementary but contrasting. Case in point: the Chintoo 36 AB outdoor ceiling fan, with its antique brass body and walnut/rosewood blade finish.


Open up to a whole new world of possibilities by making your outdoor living space as ‘liveable’ as possible. In cramped urban settings, being able to fully and efficiently use even the tiniest terrace can bring a lot of joy to a homeowner. Convert a dusty corner of a wraparound balcony into an oasis of calm by adding as many potted plants as you can. Stay away from the temptation of cute artificial plants — they may be zero maintenance, but they come with zero benefits from an environmental point of view. If horizontal space is limited, opt for a vertical garden. Living walls are all the rage and they really aren’t that hard to maintain, once you develop an appreciation for urban gardening. Outdoor ceiling fans like the classic damp-rated Chintoo fit into the smallest of spaces, to add comfort to your cosy corners. You’ll find yourself lounging around outdoors much more often when surrounded by a soft breeze.

From compact apartments to multi-acre farm houses, there’s always room to add a flourish to the outdoors with an aesthetically pleasing outdoor ceiling fan. If you have a gazebo out in the garden, or even a pergola covering the deck next to your swimming pool, enjoy the added benefits of air circulation with an outdoor ceiling fan — just make sure it is wet rated if your pergola is open-to-sky.