Uncover 5 Benefits of Iconic Wall Fans

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Earlier, fans were only a source of air; today, they are more than just air-circulating equipment. They have transitioned and have become more and more convenient to use, coupled with beautiful designs and aesthetic appeal. One such fan that can also save you an ample amount of space is a wall fan. 

Wall fans are an efficient and space-saving cooling solution. These fans are installed on walls and provide an evenly directed flow of cool air circulation throughout a room. While wall fans may not be as popular as other fans per se, they offer a range of benefits that make them an attractive option for homeowners and business owners. Wall-mounted fans require less space as they don’t need a ceiling. Hence, wall fans are a great choice to buy or install for your home or workplace since they are more efficient and ideal for compact spaces, providing the right air circulation.  These fans are installed on the wall and come with an oscillation feature to keep the room well ventilated. Installing these fans is a lot easier than installing regular fans and doesn’t require much technical knowledge. This makes it all the more convenient for you.

Top 5 Benefits of Using the Wall Fans

What are the primary benefits that make wall mount fans the best choice? Let us check out the 5 essential benefits of wall fans - 

  1. Save Space -

    Wall fans are one of the best options to opt for if you are running low on space and want to install a fan. To install a wall mount fan on the wall, all you need is a clean wall with no other equipment or accessories installed on it. This will help you mount a designer wall fan that gives your space a clean and aesthetic look.

  1. Oscillation -

    The oscillating feature is widely common in the best high speed wall fans since they are mounted on the wall. Oscillation plays a vital role in circulating the airflow around the space. You can control the airflow at your convenience, either with a remote control or a button. 

  1. Safety -

    Wall fans offer the utmost safety for children as they are covered with cages, unlike ceiling fans. They are also considered a safer option than table fans because they are mounted on the wall, ensuring they are at a distance from a normal person’s reach or even from kids' reach. 

  1. Power Saving Option -

    Energy efficiency has become the need of the hour when purchasing a fan, and wall fans from Anemos are no different! They are energy efficient and consume less power than other fans, making them an ideal choice for you! 

  1. High Air Circulation -

    Be it your commercial space, kitchen, or verandah, wall fans are sure to keep your room adequately ventilated with high airflow. Powerful wall-mounted fans push the airflow around the space to give you maximum comfort. 

Which Wall Fan is the Best?

Now that you know the benefits of wall fans, let us walk you through some of the beautiful, efficient, and extraordinary wall fans from the wide range of wall fans at Anemos.

1. Wally ORB Wall Fan -

Add a touch of elegance to your decor with our outstanding Wally ORB wall fan, which has a distinct design and multiple features to keep you all the more comfortable. The fan is known for its high air circulation and remote control for controlling the airflow and direction. It is best suited for indoor environments. 

Wally ORB Wall Fan


2. Viola Wood Wall Fan-

With a distressed wood blade finish, the Viola Wood wall fan will surely lift your decor to the next level. You can control the airflow's direction and speed simply by pulling the extended rope. Adding to this feature, you get superb airflow that keeps your space comfortable and relaxed.

 Viola Wood Wall Fan

3. Foxy SG Wall Fan -

This is one of the most popular fans, as it has a premium look and feel and a stylish design that sets it apart from other wall fans. The Foxy SG is not just your ordinary wall fan that offers you simple airflow rotation in regular directions; instead, it gives you a 360-degree rotation coupled with high airflow and a European hook. Adding to the list of features is an energy-efficient fan with a BLDC motor. You indeed don’t need more reasons to buy Foxy SG wall fans! Get one from Anemos today! 

Foxy SG Wall Fan

Wall fans are a versatile and stylish addition to any home. They offer a range of benefits, from saving space to improving air quality. If you're looking for an extravagant wall fan with unique styles and designs, look no further! From designer to low-noise wall fans, Anemos provides a premium collection of wall fans with different features that suit your requirements. 

Browse our website, www.anemos.in, and select a wall fan today!

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