What are the criteria to buy ceiling fans

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Your ultimate guide for buying ceiling fans

In today’s time, ceiling fans are an important fixture of your home. They come in various tones and technology to add a powerful element to your home decor. Ceiling fans have become an inevitable part of our households. The decision to buy your first ceiling fan or replace your current ceiling fan is not made easily. Ceiling fans are now made with exquisite design and technology. Fans are made in a variety of finishes, unique technologies, an array of colors and sizes to fit the requirement of every home. Hence it isn’t easy to make this decision. Whenever you choose a ceiling fan for your home, you would want to be sure about it before actually going and buying it. 

Here are four essential factors to consider before buying a ceiling fan. These points will help you towards buying an accurate fit for your home.

1)Energy-efficient:  In today’s world, Ceiling fans are used throughout the day. With such a vast use of ceiling fans, energy consumption is also great. Smart consumers are looking to purchase an aesthetically pleasing fan as well as fans that contain energy-saving BLDC motors. Ceiling fans with modern technologies are great at designs while at the same time save money. Anemos range of fans that not only promises you to give a good feel but also work towards energy efficiency and reduce your energy consumption bills. Anemos fans are equipped with energy-saving BLDC motors. 

2) Size and Dimension: Ceiling fans should be as per the size of the room. A small fan in a large room will give proper air circulation and vice versa. A comparatively small area like a balcony, bathroom, kitchen will require a small fan. A larger drawing-room, bedroom, or dining area will require a 50” to 54” ceiling fan. Hence, you need to consider the size of the room to determine the size and dimensions of ceiling fans.

3) Aesthetics: A fan is an important part of home decor. The look and feel of the ceiling fan should be in-tone with the design and style of the room. Ceiling fans come in a vast array of finishes like wood, veneer textures, metallic, etc. Fans are also available with light. Choosing fans that are made of durable quality material defines the life of a ceiling fan. With Anemos ceiling fans, you can choose a style, design, finish, and color of your choice that matches well with the aesthetics of your house and which are long-lasting.


4) Accessories: Ceiling fans are now equipped with various technologies and lights that offer a great deal to make your space more vibrant and pleasing. Remote control operated fans make our lives easier. You have a wide array of Anemos ceiling fans with lighting and different control systems like remote control or wall control fans based on your budget and personal preferences. 

Hope this article helps you to find the best ceiling fan for your living spaces.


Anemos will give you a range of ceiling fans that are stylish, energy-efficient, and are available in various sizes suitable for your home, office, and outdoor area.

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