What features should we look for before buying a ceiling fan?

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Ceiling fans, something that is very underrated but can you imagine living in a space without fans? The answer is no. Buying a ceiling fan must feel like an easy task, but there is so much more to it. Choosing the right fan that suits your space and personal preferences could be overwhelming. With so many ceiling fan designs and styles to select from, it doesn’t matter if you’re remodelling your house or simply replacing your existing ceiling fans; it is very important to invest in the right fans that prove to be of true value for your money.

Let us discuss a few important features to keep in mind when buying a ceiling fan for your home.


  1. Right size for every room

You would not want a ceiling fan that does not circulate well and provide enough air to cool your room, thus making it important to choose the right-sized fan. Also, a fan that is too small or big for the space will ruin its aesthetic. At times even the floor to ceiling height needs to be considered, in case the height is low a good recommendation would be the Hugger fan models from Anemos.


  1. Blade material and finish

Selecting the right fan blade material is of great importance keeping in mind many aspects. Usually, the blades are made of metal, wood, or plastic. You need to choose the best blade finish to complement the existing décor and aesthetic of your room. If you are looking for fans for moisture-prone areas like bathrooms or, if you are living in a coastal or humid area, you must go for blades with a rust-proof finish to prevent it from going bad and working long.

  1. The Motor

The motor is the most important part and is responsible for the quiet working while driving the fan blades for air movement and cooling. Look for motors that have permanently lubricated bearings and high-quality motors with heavy-duty windings. Smaller, less powerful motors may produce higher operating temperatures, lower air circulation, and cooling and noisier operation.

Motors are designed to work for long working periods and long-lasting life.


4.Fan Design & Model:

While selecting a fan for your space make sure it matches with your interior. With the growing popularity of fans, a number of unique designs and technologies are now being made available.  Fans with central lights are available that light up your room and work as a fan as well, moreover these are very aesthetic to watch.

Fans with remote control and reversible functions are also in the trend now! Reversible fans are a great choice for extreme weather conditions.


  1. Heating of motor

If the motor temperature gets heated, it will automatically increase the temperature of your space thus. So, it would be best if you considered buying BLDC ceiling fans as the motor does not get heated fast, keeping the temperature of your room in control.


  1. Energy efficiency

If you want to be energy-friendly and wish to save your pockets from the deep electricity bill cuts. In that case, you should consider investing in energy-efficient appliances which offer substantial energy savings. There are BEE star-rated fans that are a good choice as they consume less energy.


  1. Revolution per Minute

You have to choose a ceiling fan with a higher RPM and better air delivery, as in some scenarios, the ceiling fans have high RPM, but the air delivery is not enough due to different blade angles.


  1. Consider the Warranty

When choosing the right ceiling fan, don’t forget to look for a good warranty or the life of your fan. Some manufacturers offer a lifetime of warranty and in-home services. Again, we believe there is a true correlation between what you pay for and what you get against it

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