Designer Ceiling Fans

In keeping with the current trend of designer looks, we give you a new way to look at your ceiling. With ceiling fans that are unique, complements the design of your room, and come with the Anemos warranty. 
Standard ceiling fans are now a thing of the past, browse a unique concept in elegance. Ceiling fans with a light attachment lends an elegance to your room with its uniqueness. Sometimes inspired by a flower, at other times a chandelier style unit with an ioniser fan, each piece is a designer’s joy. With a variety of blade options in some styles, or with light fixtures that are detachable. The single theme running through this selection is that the fans are anything but boring. Or plain white, three blade variety. The wide variety matches any kind of décor- minimalist, modern, even antiqued styles. Have a look at the selection, you will never look at your ceiling the same way again.