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Festivals are meant to be celebrated with joy and the utmost festive spirit. Nothing can match the beauty of festivals as everyone is dressed up in beautiful attire, and there is happiness all around. While we ensure that your look is no less than perfect, you must keep your home decked up for the big occasion too. Every accessory in the home lifts the decor to another level, and having a bespoke ceiling fan is no different. It is one of the most influential decor items to give your home an exquisite look. 

The festive season is over, but hey, every day is a celebration, right? So, keep the festive vibe alive with our luxurious fan collection. It doesn't only look attractive, but also offers a wide range of features. 

At Anemos, you can find a diverse collection of ceiling fans with unique features and attractive designs that perfectly match your home decor. 


Here are a few of the distinctive features of bespoke ceiling fans. 

  • Suits your needs- The first and foremost significant feature of these designer fans is that every fan offers a distinct feature that suits your requirements and style. You can choose the one which has a feature beneficial to you. 
  • Energy Efficient - While we all want to protect our environment and ensure we live in a safe environment, we hardly ever take a step in that direction. It is important to buy eco-friendly things. Bespoke ceiling fans are completely energy efficient, making them superior in every sense.
  • Space - Every fan has its unique identity in terms of usage, functions, and designs. At Anemos, different types of ceiling fans are available that are suitable for various spaces such as bedrooms, living rooms, etc. These bespoke ceiling fans offer great diversity in terms of usage, making them stand apart from other ceiling fans. 
  • Style - These are the perfect fans that suit the modern trends of aesthetic look. With these fans, you are assured of a sleek design with utmost convenience. The home decor and the style you choose for your home furniture, speak a lot about your style and choice. Luxury ceiling fans can help you express your ideologies and thinking in the form of the style and designs you choose. 

Let us look at some bespoke ceiling fans from Anemos and what features one can expect while buying them. 

The Solitaire Punkah - The Peacock Ceiling Fan

An excellent ceiling fan with an exceptional design of genuine hand-collected peacock feathers. If you want to give your home decor a modern interpretation of Royal Indian Punkah, then this is the perfect ceiling fan for you. The feather blade material of this fan ensures you get ample air supported by its 22  swings. Right from its elegant design to the fan swing, everything about this Peacock ceiling fan is simply perfect. These designer fans are going to be a head-turner for every guest that visits your home. 


Brewmaster Short Neck Ceiling Fans 



This is a premium ceiling fan that offers an antique design. The Brewmaster Short Neck Ceiling Fan is best suited for people who like to have a vintage look to their home decor. It is a perfect blend of technology and vintage design with a reversible feature. With this ceiling fan, you don’t have to worry about the space as it can be used in an outdoor as well as indoor space. Keep your guests cool and in awe of your home decor with this bespoke ceiling fan from Anemos.

Italo Ventania Red Ceiling Fan



The Italo Ventania Red ceiling fan is one of the distinct fans on the list as it offers some great features along with a sophisticated design and looks. For many people choosing the fan of their favourite colour might be a task, but with Italo Ventania, you don’t have to worry about that! You can choose the colour of your choice. One of the special things to mention about this fan is that it is a cage-enclosed ceiling fan giving you added security for low ceilings. You can also use this ceiling fan for kids' rooms as the risk of a kid accidentally touching the fast-moving ceiling fan is reduced to a great extent. The RPM of 1250 simply makes this ceiling fan the best in the market. 

Gone are the days when people ignored the importance of ceiling fans for home decor. Give an elegant look to your home with our Bespoke Ceiling fans. Choose from our extensive range of collections that cater to your needs perfectly. 

We hope that this article helped you in choosing the right fan by throwing some light on the features you must watch out for in a ceiling fan and also some amazing ceiling fans that might actually be perfect for your home. So, visit our website now! 

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