How does the Reversible Feature in Ceiling Fans help during Winter?

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Winter season has finally arrived and while you get yourself sweaters and warm clothes, buy your home a perfect ceiling fan that not only enhances your home decor but also offers you a reversible feature. Ceiling fans with the reversible feature are very effective in the winter season, you may ask how? Here’s the answer!

We've got fans with reversible features that will keep you warm during the winter season. It’s quite a unique feature that has attracted people, and for the right reasons. It plays a vital role in providing you comfort as per your need. A lot of people don't know this, but ceiling fans can be used in winter seasons as well. In the northern states of India, these fans are very useful as they help you keep yourself warm amidst the cold weather outside. 

Here are a few of the effective features you should look for!

Rotation of the ceiling fans

The rotation of the ceiling fans plays a significant role in understanding the reversible feature. When the fan rotates anticlockwise, it sucks the warm air and pushes the cold air around the space whereas when the fan rotates clockwise it pulls the cold air upwards and circulates the warm air in the room. Now you know why the rotation of ceiling fans matters. It is to provide you with comfort based on the seasons. 

Reverse mode during the Winter season

As the winter season has just started, ceiling fans with reversible features will get huge attraction and will be in demand. A reversible ceiling fan moves the warm air trapped near the ceiling rotating the blades in a clockwise motion. This movement pushes the lower air and pulls down the warm air in the room further, enhancing the distribution of heat. 

Let us look at some elegant and worth-purchasing ceiling fans with a reversible feature!

Airborne AGP Ceiling Fan


Airborne AGP ceiling fan is an elegantly beautiful fan with an aesthetic look that enhances the overall decor of your home. The fan has a superb RPM of 195, and swings with an English hook and a whitewash blade material. The fan comes with a special reversible feature making it a class apart from other fans. It has a separate remote control to help you control the fan movement by using the reversible feature as per your comfort. 


Airborne MW Ceiling Fan

Another one on the list is the Airborne MW Ceiling fan which has some cool features. To begin with, this one is an energy saver for anyone looking for an energy-efficient fan. Perfect for all kinds of places such as indoors and outdoors. This fan offers high air with a separate remote control to help you use the distinct reversible feature. 

Bare Ceiling Fan



The matte black color of the Bare Ceiling fan catches everyone's attention at first sight, and when they are made aware of the reversible feature this fan offers, people can’t resist praising it. Although the fan is best suited and can be used only in indoor spaces, it is an ideal fan that not only saves you energy but is also effective across seasons. It is worth a buy for the features it offers!

What are the benefits of having a Ceiling fan with a Reversible feature?

One of the primary benefits of reversible features is undoubtedly flexibility. It offers flexibility to use the fan in different seasons, especially in winter. Usually, fans with the reversible feature are energy efficient.

It helps to avoid the imbalance between the hot air and cold air in the room. This means that the reversible feature offers an optimal balance of warm and cold air to give you the utmost comfort. Another attractive highlight for people is the remote control. Of course, these are premium fans, but the remote control aspect of the ceiling fan itself interests the audience more than any normal ceiling fan.  

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