What to look for before buying a ceiling fan online

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Ceiling fans are an essential part of our everyday lives. We use ceiling fans throughout the years. With an increase in online shopping, people started buying electronics, gadgets, lights, etc., online to avoid any hassle. Online shopping for ceiling fans can be tricky and as we don't want to buy fans that are suitable for our needs. Here is a quick guide for what to consider before buying a ceiling fan online.


(1) Energy Efficiency

Ceiling Fans are of great importance to increase room comfort. There has never been a better time than now to consider the purchase of ceiling fans and to enjoy both the aesthetic as well as energy-saving benefits of owning a ceiling fan. Check for a BLDC motor, one of the most efficient motors and a great way to make your fan energy efficient.


(2) Larger Rooms Need Bigger Fans

Choosing a fan as per your room size will ensure the maximum performance of the ceiling fans. For example, in a room up to 50 square feet, like a bathroom, choose a 29" fan. Standard bedrooms or living rooms up to 400 square feet work most efficiently with fans that are 50" or 52". Larger rooms over 400 sq. ft. usually require a ceiling fan with a 54" or larger blade. Measure the size of the room and check the fan blade span in the description before purchasing a fan.

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(3) Fan Blade pitch and number

Fan blades determine the amount of air that will circulate throughout the room. Fan blade pitch should be between a 12–15-degree angle for optimal circulation. Several blades will determine the weight of the fan. The lesser number of blades lighter is the fan.

(4) Consider the Warranty

Look for a good warranty or the life of your fan before you are purchasing a ceiling fan. Many manufacturers will offer a lifetime warranty and in-home services. A long-lasting purchase is far more important. A ceiling fan is one of the most used products at home. Regular servicing and knowing its warranty make the fan life longer.  We believe there is a true correlation in terms of you getting what you pay.


(5) Knowing the seller

It's important to buy a fan from a reputed and well-known website/dealer online. It will help in the event of any warranty or damage claim. Checking the review and the customer support team is essential, as they provide their valuable assistance regarding the fixing, installing, maintenance, service, warranty issues, etc. Many customers end up with the wrong product because of incorrect or lack of good details. At Anemos, we pride ourselves in having some of the most knowledgeable associates with ceiling fans.

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