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Ceiling fans are an essential electronics item that is required on an everyday basis. For a nation like India, you can't have a day without fans. Be it a little room or an enormous assembly hall, you expect fans to blow out the cold air to make you comfortable. The gentle breeze from the fan makes a lot of people fall asleep. One caveat of ceiling fans and table fans is that they produce a lot of noise and disturbance in the room. Presently at Anemos, we have got a couple of noiseless fans on the lookout. These Noiseless fans are needed for rooms and different spots where quietness is essential. 

If you are on a hunt for noiseless fans, then there are certain parameters to keep in check before making the final purchase;

Quality Matters:

The quality of a noiseless ceiling fan can be measured by the overall quality of all materials and hardware used. Lower-priced fans tend to use low-quality materials such as thin sheet metal and plastics. These materials can cause rattling noise and turbulence when the ceiling fan is in use.

Choose a fan with DC motor:

Most ceiling fan brands are beginning to introduce DC motors instead of the standard AC fan motor. Not exclusively do DC engines utilize less energy and have more speed choices, yet they likewise make probably the calmest ceiling fans available. Ceiling fans having DC motors are lighter in weight and more balanced, lowering the chances of noisy fan turbulence.


Fan Blade Count:

The most basic rule is the more the number of blades on the ceiling fan, the less the noise it produces. A large number of blades provide better distribution of weight and balance when the fan is in use. Most of the cheaper three-blade fans are usually quite noisy because of thin sheets and non-balance; hence should be avoided.

There are several kinds of fans that are noiseless which are available:

The Mega Ceiling Fan:

The fan looks elegant and is a perfect fit for your interior. Be it a modern design or a traditional design, it blends well. The fan doesn't only look good but has a great performance too. The Mega fans are designer ceiling fans suitable for large areas such as supermarkets, warehouses, factories, etc. They circulate a good amount of air without creating any disturbance or noise and giving a cooling effect all across the area.

Odyn BN Ceiling Fan:

The Odyn BN ceiling fan is kind of unique in this category. The fan strikes the best balance between noise and performance. The Odyn fan is made aerodynamically for noiseless functioning and also for high air blow volume. The fan is eye-catching and attractive with perfect curves and edges. Odyn fan gives maximum level of airflow & less consumption of electricity. Odyn fan is a nine-bladed energy-efficient fan with an LED light; the disturbance-free motor provides proper airflow distribution. Best for all-weather types, it comes with a remote for light and speed control.

Purchase Eco-friendly Designer Odyn Ceiling fan with a LED Lighting Kit

At Anemos we have several fans as option that produce less or no noise. Anemos makes desirable and unique fans which are worth the purchase as they give you a luxurious feeling at your home, making it worthwhile.

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