How to Choose a Ceiling Fan for Comfort and Style?

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Choosing a ceiling fan is one of the toughest decisions we make. Ceiling fans are important all year round. There is an array of choices available for us in the market to confuse us with the decision. But it turns out there is actually a way of choosing the right ceiling fan. Some of the most popular questions are answered below to help you.

Choose the right fan for your comfort and style


  1. What size ceiling fan should I buy?

The size of the room is essential to determine the size of the fan. Fan size should be proportional to the space of the room. A fan that’s too small for a room might not cool the room well, and one that’s too big will not be able to circulate the air properly. If your room is very large, consider using two fans instead of one.


  1. What should be the height of the ceiling fan?

Ideally, we should mount a fan up to 8 ft to 11 ft off the floor. According to some guidelines by national building codes, blades of any type must be at least 7 ft from the floor. Huggers can be directly mounted on the ceilings and are considered the best option for the ceiling height of less than 8 ft. Hugger ceiling fans, also called low-profile ceiling fans, offer a great solution because they are installed flush against the ceiling without using the down rod. Choosing the right height is very important. The main purpose of a ceiling fan is not to cool but to create a pleasant breeze. So, if it’s not positioned appropriately, you won’t feel the airflow.


  1. Does blade material make a difference?

Ceiling fans are available now in a variety of finishes and materials. Blades can be metal (stainless steel or aluminum), wood (timber, plywood, MDF), PVC, or plastic. There’s no difference in performance, so feel free to choose one that matches your style and interior of the room, ensuring it’s of good quality. A superior quality finish will be beneficial in the long run as it will resist corrosion, blistering and fading. A high-quality metal finish will not need polishing for several years, and good-quality plastic finishes will stay thick and durable for many years. 


  1. What motor to look for?

The motor of ceiling fans is important. Low-quality motors have reduced air circulation over time, generate heat, and operate noisily. Choosing a fan with a DC motor should be ideal, as DC is powerful yet energy-saving. They are up to 80 per cent more efficient than regular motors. Moreover, they are virtually soundless, and their small size results in lighter fans.


  1. Are ceiling fans with light a good option?

Modern ceiling fans have come in with built-in lights. Fans with lights are great and aesthetically pleasing. They add an extra bit of design element to your living spaces. Fans with lights are great for overhead ambient illumination. Most of the light kits come with dimmers, so adjusting the light intensity is very convenient.

Buying a ceiling fan is a long-term investment. Choosing a ceiling fan for your living spaces isn’t as tricky a task as it appears. If you have a source like Anemos, you won’t encounter any problem in finding a ceiling fan that complements your home décor. If you have any style in mind, we have the right fan to match your styling needs.

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