How to buy designer ceiling fans?

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When we think of getting the interior of a new home or revamping the existing home, we often ignore the ceiling fan. The ceiling fan happens to be the fixture that has been ignored for years. But not anymore! In today’s world, home décor is not limited to only wallpaper, furniture, and colors. It is about the new experience, and in this journey of creating a wholesome, unique experience, the designer ceiling fans are finding their place back. The decorative range of fans has undergone a complete makeover; from exclusive hand-crafted designs to simple light fans, a fan can completely revamp your living space.

Some of the key factors to consider while selecting a designer ceiling fan.


  1. Energy Efficiency

In today’s world, a wide choice of quality electrical appliances is available that improve energy efficiency and helps to lighten up the electricity bill. If you want to beat the heat but keep the electricity bills in check, look for the Anemos range of fans that not only come in a range of hand-crafted designs packed with features but are also energy efficient. 


  1. Noise Level

Ceilings fans, along with the aesthetic, can sometimes come with noise. Imagine a situation where you have bought the ceiling fan, aesthetically it’s great, but it creates too much noise? Worry not, ceiling fans nowadays are effectively designed with aerodynamically designed fans that make minimum noise when functioning.

  1. Air Delivery

Checking for air delivery by a ceiling fan is of prime importance before the purchase. The amount of airflow a ceiling fan can produce per minute is commonly measured in cubic feet per minute, or CFM. CFM is the most common form of measurement for ventilation, heating, and cooling.  


  1. Built and Finish

The aesthetics of ceiling fans are an important factor to consider. Ceiling fans are the most stylish electronics in our living spaces. Anemos range of ceiling fans is made from a variety of materials for your style and comfort.  When it comes to finishes, there are ample options to choose from, including laminated veneers, solid wood, metallic, electroplated, rustic, etc. There are even Fans that come with built-in light features. So, you can choose the finish, style, features, and color which blends best with your interiors.

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  1. Size

Room size and ceiling fan size are crucial to determine if the fan is an ideal fit for that space. The size of the room and the size of the blade determines the air circulated in the room. The size of the blades determines the fan span which helps in air circulation throughout the room.

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