Which are the best ceiling fans for larger rooms by Anemos?

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Anemos is a modern decor brand for ceiling fans that effortlessly balance style, decor and functionality. From a variety of outstanding vintage fans, table fans and wall fans to remote control fans and DC fans that embrace the cutting edge of technology, Anemos is an ode to an under-appreciated decorative element that can define an entire space.

Embrace the endless ability of designer ceiling fans.

A ceiling fan isn’t meant to keep a room cool. It can be a decorative element & can even help make your cooling systems more efficient. A lot of great choices are available for installations in large halls.

At Anemos, we offer ceiling fans for various spaces of different heights, lengths & diameters. Fans for larger rooms need to be of proper height and diameter and have good airflow to cover the entire space.

We have listed down the finest details for the best ceiling fans to buy online that make air conditioning more efficient for large rooms:

1). Revolution RB:

    The Revolution is a ceiling fan with a modern take on the classic American style fan. Its four powerful blades made of ABS plastic provide an ample amount of uniform airflow and cooling effect across the room. This modern style fan works best for the master bedroom and large dining areas.


    2). Odyn BN:


    The maximum level of airflow, minimum consumption. The Odyn is nine-bladed energy productive and eco-accommodating ceiling fan with an LED lighting pack. Due to its design and high airflow capacity, the commotion-free engine provides proper airflow distribution suitable for large spaces.


    3). Baroque:


      The Baroque is a vintage style ceiling fan inspired by Baroque architecture. This ornate fan with an antique copper finishing goes very well with period decors. It is best suited for high ceilings and big rooms and provides maximum airflow to every corner of the room, bigger than normal fans.

      Improve your life with luxury and superb air conditioning Baroque ceiling fans at Anemos.


      4). Patio WH:


      The Patio is a white finish designer ceiling fan that adds to the style of your uber home décor. The modern and sleek design makes it attractive, and the large blade span helps distribute the air across the large areas it is in.


      5). Patio RB:


      With a touch of contemporary, this fan will add taste to your home decor. The sleek design makes it look attractive and distributes air across large areas with the help of its long blades.

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