5 Tips to make your home Monsoon-ready

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Most of the country is experiencing pre-monsoon showers and welcoming the drop in the mercury.  The plans to enjoy the cool breeze of Mother Nature and pedestal fans in our verandas are already underway. But as we gear up for the hot tea and fritters season, are our homes monsoon ready?

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There is a lot we need to prepare them for almost four months of rain.

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Here are a few tips which may help you to do so:

1)    Waterproofing

Waterproofing is the first step towards ensuring your homes are monsoon resistant. It is important to fix any cracks on your walls and ceiling. Waterproofing will not only stop leakages but will also ensure that moss doesn’t grow on your walls.

2)    Check Electrical wiring

Another hazard during the monsoons is open and lose electrical wires. Water, a good conductor of electricity may prove to be dangerous and, in some cases, fatal as well. To prevent any disaster from happening, you must check all electrical wires connected to your ceiling fans, TV and refrigerator.

3)    Protect your wooden furniture

If you are an art enthusiast and your home is furnished with wooden sofas and classic wooden fans like Anemos’ Levon Ceiling fan then you must regularly wipe your furniture with a dry cloth to make it monsoon ready. This will not only help keep the furniture intact but will also retain its shine.


4)    Clear out drains

Before the onset of monsoons, you must check your drainage system as well. Any clogged drain can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects that might cause serious ailments. Clearing out drains will prevent water logging and ensure that the hygiene is maintained.

5)    Check your plants

The monsoons bring a lot of greenery. Often, the view outside is pleasing to the eye and even more so if complemented with designer furniture like relaxing couches and vintage fans.  Apart from enhancing the earthy hues, the rains are also a breeding time for insects that hover around indoor plants. You must regularly use repellents to keep the insects away.

Have you implemented these checks yet? If you have any more tips then do share them with us in the comments below.

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