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Not so long ago whenever there was a talk about planning a designer home, renovation of office space, etc. the first thing that used to be chucked out from the plan were fans for being noisy and having outdated designs. But there has been a significant change in the fan industry; people now look at fans not only as a tool to provide them relief from the hot and humid weather but also the aesthetics of their interiors. These designer fans are not just energy efficient but also are aesthetically designed keeping in mind the decor of your home.

The new age designer ceiling fans are quite a hit among people, firstly, they are beautiful to look at and secondly, functionality wise they are an upgraded version of the traditional ceiling fans. They are sleeker, smarter and quieter compared to their earlier counterpart.

Customers have evolved in terms of their needs, and are more specific in the way they want their fans to be. For example, a  sophisticated, modern designed fan like Eliza from Atlas Fan Company, USA is perfectly suited for modern urban homes with its sleek design and remote control option.


Similarly, designer ceiling fans which come with integrated lighting system are a choice of many for they serve multiple purposes.  Beside their intriguing design, these work wonderfully for any style of decor be it a modern set up(Air Rider) or a home with classic interiors (Belle Epoque) from a living room to the small cozy corners of your home like in a study room. From the eco-friendly point of view, the dual functionality also makes them energy efficient fans. The integrated LED light attached gives an ample amount of light, and the fan provides optimum air circulation required for the room. The remote provides full control over the intensity of the light, speed of the fan and also whether you want to use the light or just the fan as per your need of the time.

Most of these ceiling fans are reversible, which makes them a necessity in a tropical country like India, where it can function in all seasons.

Along with designer ceiling fans, customers also opt for wall mount fans to provide proper air circulation across various parts of the home, which also adds to the aesthetics of the house. Therefore, if you are looking for something economical, eco-friendly to elevate the style quotient of your designer home, there is a whole wide range of designer fans to pick from.

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