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Even the most minor things in our house affect the interior decor. They either make or break the appearance of the room. A ceiling fan is one such thing that changes the way your room looks. Although ceiling fans are underrated, they play a huge role in beautifying your space. In the current times, ceiling fan with different designs, colours, patterns and styles are available that elevate your interior. And it is of utmost importance to choose a ceiling fan that suits your design. It is also essential that you keep in mind the square footage of your space and the air circulation while selecting a ceiling fan.

Let's take a look at few Ceiling fan ideas from Anemos:

Nature's touch
Have a room that is filled with plants or nature-themed? Nothing better will suit it than a wooden or brown fan. The greens and browns in the room will induce the sense of nature and give the room a perfect touch.

In All Directions/ All-rounder
Our All-directions fan is the perfect option for a spacious room. It has small fans on three sides, which throw air in different directions, offering you a cool room. You don't need to worry about where to sit because you'll receive air everywhere.

We know that the new constructions have low ceiling heights. But don't let that stop you from buying fancy fans that you like. Opt for a newly styled fan with a small downrod. These fans with smaller downrods will adorn your ceiling.

Not So Fan:
Don't want a fan that looks like a fan? We've got you covered. These fans give an impression of a showpiece yet comfort you with the cool breeze. Go one step ahead and purchase these works of art.

Never go out of style:
Have a stylish home? Have you added elegant furniture? But what about the fan? Don't overlook it because it will add a significant amount of value to your final look. Add a modern, voguish fan and augment your interior. Add a stylish fan to your interior and make a statement.

Two in One:
Are you confused about putting a chandelier or a fan? What if you get both in one element? These fans will give you the look of a chandelier and give you cool air simultaneously. It's the perfect blend of both and will enhance the beauty of your room.

All Lit/ Light it up:
Fan with Lights? Sounds a bit weird or futuristic, right? But it is the most aesthetic piece you'll find in our premium fans collection. It gives the room an astounding warm tone and will embellish your interior. With its light, the fan provides contrast and ambient illumination.


Ancient Fans:
Old things never actually become old; they become antique or vintage, which adds more value. And if you are an antique lover and have an old school space, these fans will complement the decor. They will give your room an old yet unique look.

It's all White:
What is better than a white fan & a colourful backdrop? Opt for these beautiful white fans, which will highlight your wall colour and interior. The white fan will work magic on your room's design.

A ceiling fan not only increases the comfort of your room but also enhance and beautify it. So, choose the perfect fan for your interior.

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