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Imagine reading a book on a relaxing chair in your beautiful outdoor space with flowering plants… Outdoor spaces are an extension of our humble abode and usually the areas where one goes to relax and de-stress. While we put in great effort to decorate the interiors of our homes, we should make it a point to not neglect our outdoor spaces as well.

Being creative is the key here - right from the furniture we pick to the plants and lights; there is a lot which goes into expressing yourself with a décor that speaks to you. There are varied ways by which you can spruce up this area and here are some from the World of Anemos.

Anemos Outdoor Fan Terrace

Pick your decor style

Whether it is a uber-luxe, bohemian, rustic or modern look, the first step is to pick your decor style. Once you have decided the decor theme, it becomes easier to choose the other elements. 


Once you have chosen your decor style, you can pick up furniture that is in sync with your vision. A classic wooden chair with a small table will showcase a uber-luxe look, a hanging chair with bohemian cover will give an unconventional look whereas some DIY seating will be best suited to attain a rustic look.

Designer Fans

Once you have set up the entire space, you now just need to choose a fan which will give you comfort from hot and humid weather. Since the fan will be installed in the outdoors, it is important to choose a fan that will withstand all-weather, cools down the space, circulates air and provides a charming ambiance.  

Things to consider: Fans with ABS plastic blades and anti-rust coating are best suited for outdoors. These wet location fans are durable because it is easier to clean the dust off them during summers and wipe the moisture during monsoons.

Designer fans with different models are best suited to adorn outdoor spaces as per your requirement. You can pick  Belleria AZ for a garden setup, Edgewood AZ for a vintage look or the Patio Ceiling Fan for the modern look.


You can also choose a ceiling fan with lights like Xeno DZ for your seating area bringing an all new look to the decor with dual functionality as added bonus.


Outdoors are the best areas to invest in some plants. With ample sunlight, plants flourish outside. As these spaces are our usual hangouts to create a feeling of well-being, having plants help reduce stress, make us feel relaxed, improve the air quality and brighten our mood. The best thing is that there are varieties of plants available in the market that go with different kinds of decor themes.  Bougainvillea, Plumbago, Rain Lilies and Succulents are few of the plants that one can opt for. You can also try hanging plants to save floor space.

Plants Decor Home Anemos Lifestyle Hanging plants for home decor Anemos Lifestyle

Add a character to your outdoors that will delight not only the guests but also you – all season long! Can think of more such ways to spruce up your outdoor space? Let us know in the comment section below.

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