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Music has been an integral part of human lives since time immemorial. Be it centuries ago when folklore was passed on to the next generation through songs or now when most of us have a song for every occasion and mood, music is eternal. As time passed, it has evolved with varied musical and audio instruments.

It soon became pertinent to create a mechanism to help people hear these melodious tunes time and again. That is when the development in the technology helped introduce audio instruments that would let people play their beloved tunes as and when they liked but also help them connect with each other. And so began the journey of these instruments etching their way in our lives and homes.

These simple instruments like the gramophone and the phonograph not only started playing our special tracks but also brought life to the room. Be it a rainy night or a day to celebrate; these instruments began becoming loyal companions of many.

You may agree with us when we say that we all have at least one unforgettable memory associated with these instruments of yesteryears which albeit old had a charm of the golden era of music.

Today, even though the technology has advanced leaps and bounds and we can listen to millions of songs using modern devices like our cell phones there is still an emotional connect with old audio instruments. Be it the sweet joy of tuning in to your favorite channel in radio or the excitement of finding coins to play your go-to songs on the jukebox, these instruments are filled with nostalgia.

What if we tell you that you can now adorn your home with these
Vintage yet modern audio instruments?

At Anemos Lifestyle, we have handpicked a few of these instruments from around the world to help you experience the bygone era and enhance the rustic look of your vintage home decor. While these instruments carry the essence of the past, they also have a modern touch which helps them function efficiently and keep up with the ever-changing technology. One such feature of our products which is loved by our patrons is that they all have Bluetooth connectivity.

  1. Music is the life of any party and if you have an audio instrument like a Jukebox then you can make any party an instant hit with your guests. One of our coveted instruments is the full-size jukebox which comes with seven colors LED Tube lighting, speakers and a radio function. These wooden enclosures are the best fit for large spaces but if you are looking for something for your game room then you can opt for Big Size Ball Jukebox which even comes with a remote control.

  2. If you are the kind who wants to tune into his/her favorite radio channel on a lazy Sunday afternoon while you sip on your beloved beverage then you must opt for CR-150 radio.

  3. Our Vinyl players, TR-W286 and TR-W102UB Gramophone, are apt for people who have an enviable collection of record players. While you can reminisce about the good old days with these instruments which can play all the available formats of vinyl records like 33 RPM, 45 RPM & 78 RPM, you can additionally convert analogue vinyl records & cassettes into digital format through USB.

  4. Have a minimal setup at home and wondering which audio instrument to pick? You can check out BR-002. This classic black instrument with a sleek design has inbuilt Bluetooth for wireless streaming which is perfect to destress yourself in the evenings.

Do you also share a special connection with audio instruments? Which of these audio instruments would you like to own?

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