10 Designer Ceiling Fans to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

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Ceiling fans have been an integral part of our daily lives in India over the last 100 years. Constant rise in global temperatures, unhealthy  lifestyles along with carbon emissions from air conditioning and high noise level of industrial fans, it is imperative more than ever now for you to think about upgrading your ceiling fan. 

Thankfully, there is a huge range of designer ceiling fans available at Anemos that are perfect for any home. There are model options to suit varied tastes & decor as well as different  sizes with amenities such as lights, remote control, reversible function built into them.

If you are unable to make a decision, we have shortlisted the 10 best models of ceiling fans from the house of Anemos for you. Check them out below:

Model 1: Otten

The Otten fan is a high air mover due to its large blade span and energy-efficient design. The finely detailed bracket design gives it an industrial look and feel. Perfect for large areas such as a living room modern/industrial decor style.  


Model 2: Hazel

Hazel is a state-of-the-art ceiling fan with an aerodynamic design, classy look and the convenience of a remote control. It will be a great addition to your den or over the bed. The speed of this fan is enough to beat the heat this summer as well save energy thanks to its efficient BLDC motor.

Model 3: Super DC

Simplistic, sleek and subtle for every decor. The Super DC is available in distressed white and hand painted wood finishes. A designer take on simplicity from Anemos.

Model 4: Aero

Designer options of ceiling fans where the centre ceiling is occupied by lighting or does not have a provision for fan installation, the Aero from Anemos - beautiful, high speed and inconspicuously doing its job from the corner is the perfect ventilation solution. 

Model 5: Samba

There are traditional fans and there are futuristic ones. Then, there are fans like the Samba from Anemos which bring together the best of both worlds. A timeless classic from Anemos.

Model 6: Typhoon

Another simple, elegant, designer take on the humble ceiling fan from Anemos is the Typhoon. Easing itself comfortably in any decor style as well as moving a lot of air as its name suggests. 

Model 7: Victoria

The Victoria as the name suggests is a vintage classic. Highly efficient and yet maintaining its Victorian heritage. Available in Matt white, Antique Brass & Rubbed Bronze finishes. 

Model 8: Hurricane

The Hurricane is a twisted take on industrial meets contemporary. High air mover suitable for large areas and quirky interiors. 

Model 9: Jive

The Jive Regular is a great choice for any conventional ceiling fan lover. The simple and classy design of Jive goes well with every room and decor, Its BLDC motor saves energy and the remote control adds to convenience. It is also available in a sleeker variation for lower ceiling heights - the Jive Hugger. Anemos’s #1 selling fan. 

Model 10: Spin

Finishing up with one of the most modern designs available, the Spin Ceiling Fan from Anemos is the perfect example of high power fans with exquisite style and uniqueness. The Spin model can be installed in your wide rooms, promising you a comforting breeze and ample circulation featuring a BLDC motor with remote control. 

Summing Up

While one may think that a ceiling fan is not worth making an investment, any of these fans will last you a long time and also add to the uniqueness of your home. If you want to truly feel the luxury and comfort on a hot summer day, pick up any of these fans and you can set your air-conditioner aside.

These are the best models amongst designer ceiling fans from Anemos, and you will be able to have them delivered with the click of a button. Let heat never be a factor ever again!

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