Ultimate Guide to Buying Modern Ceiling Fans

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If you think ceiling fans can make your home look old-fashioned, it’s highly likely that you haven’t heard about modern style ceiling fans. These fans go a long way in helping homeowners either match their existing home decor or add advanced style features to it. Anemos offers you a variety of ceiling fans with modern designs to help you turn your home into a lively and colorful abode. 

Many people quite conveniently undervalue the role that a modern ceiling fan can play as a decorative element. Most of the people think that ceiling fans are only for cooling rooms, only later to realise that they can also contribute significantly to a home’s comfortable and modern décor. If you are buying it for cool air, why not add another parameter to the list when purchasing a ceiling fan. Before you reach that stage, you need to understand that a ceiling fan can be used for both practical and decorative purposes. The style, colour, and type of ceiling fan you choose, coupled with the placement of the fan can play a significant role in defining and enhancing a room’s style. 

Here are a few ideas that modern ceiling fans at Anemos can help you turn into reality:

If your home décor has more metal elements than others, you should look for modern fan designs in chrome or nickel finishes. Anemos has the ideal solution:



This ceiling fan features clean and straightforward metallic finishes and is perfect for the kid’s room in your home. 

If you don’t want subtlety in your home décor, take a look at this fan: 


It is in striking white colour with a large blade span, an energy-efficient design and ideal for boosting your home décor and serving the practical purpose.

For minimalist living rooms that feature sleek furnishings and subtle colours, you need a modern living room ceiling fan with dramatic design. Just take a look at this: 

Tell us what you feel about whether or not this modern fan for living rooms makes the cut. It has a flamboyant design that can complement or accentuate any modern-style décor. If you want to add a bit of theatre to your living space with fans that come with multiple blades, this fan fits the bill.

Homes with transitional décor featuring a mix of modern styles and traditional elements need ceiling fans that fluidly mix with both these styles. It offers you a chance to go out and look for a fan without keeping in mind any décor restrictions. Fulfil your decorative fantasy with


It is ideal for both modern homes and offices. 

For homes featuring bold colours, ceiling fans in black or white colour with three or five blades will have the desired impact. The objective here is to complement the loud colours and not overpower them. Colours like sunflower yellow and leaf green that ooze freshness go well with white ceilings and fans. If your home has somewhat similar décor, you should check this fan out:


If you are looking to add a contemporary touch to one of the compact spaces inside your home, you should take a look at this fan:

It has an antique brass body finish and innovative style with increased airflow.

Choosing a modern ceiling fan for your home isn’t as tricky a task as it appears. If you have a source like Anemos, you won’t encounter any problem in finding a ceiling fan that complements your home décor. However, you need to ensure that you give a ceiling fan the same importance that you would give to any other design element. Put your imagination to work and choose a ceiling fan that complements your sense of style.

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