What are the 5 best fans for outdoor spaces?

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In today's world, fans are more than just an appliance; they play an imperative part in decor. However, the wrong selection of a fan can end up ruining the look of your house, no matter how well-designed your house is. Selecting a perfect ceiling fan seems to be complex, especially for outdoors, considering the categories and styles to choose from. It is challenging to choose the right ceiling fan that serves your purpose and matches your liking but thankfully, at Anemos, we have a massive variety of Fans available for outdoor use.

Quick guide to the 5 best fans that would suit varied decors and fulfill your purpose.

Top 5 Fans Best for Outdoor Spaces

Model 1: Arden ORB 

The Arden ORB is a powerful and silent rotatable fan that dispenses a large air volume. This fan is preferred for large outdoor spaces. An oil-rubbed bronze finish in body and blade complements well with an effortless, classic yet modern outdoor decor. 


Model 2: Swan Bladeless Pedestal Fan 

The Swan is a standing bladeless fan that is very sleek and contemporary. It is one of the distinctive fans that is an ideal fit in any corner and best suited for small outdoor spaces. It has a dark walnut finish that goes well with sic tones and semi uber interior.


Model 3: Bladeless 6H Pedestal Fan 

The Bladeless 6H is a stylish standing fan that will catch everyone’s attention. It is a brilliant fan with its gray and blue finish. It runs on a motor and is a potent fan. The Bladeless 6H Pedestal Fan, with its sleek and elegant design, can be used in either large or small spaces with a modern interior.


Model 4: Mist Pedestal Fan 

The Mist Pedestal Fan is a Multi-Functional fan that dispenses mist while the fan is on. This fan also has other features to adjust the speed, power, temperature, etc. This fan is best suited for places with a lot of heat or dryness. The fan can be used in large as well as small spaces.


Model 5: Lewis Pedestal Fan 

Lewis is a Vintage Classic Pedestal Fan. It is highly efficient and rotatable, making it appropriate for large spaces. Its antique brass and galvanized finish give a heritage vibe and look great with an urban classic or vintage interior.




 Determining the right ceiling fan can be daunting, as there are many factors to consider at present times, but if you want to never suffer in the heat and maintain your home's decor, then pick any one of these, and you are good; to go!


While we think these 5 are the best outdoor fans to choose from, if these don't work for you, we have even more variety for you to choose a fan that best suits your taste. Hope this guide has helped you. Let's never be bothered by heat again with Anemos!


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