Which is the best high-speed ceiling fan to buy?

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It is essential to get a good ceiling fan as ceiling fans are most widely used appliance at home.It helps reduce your electricity bills and keeps you cool without relying on an air conditioner during summer.

While purchasing a ceiling fan, it is important to keep things in mind, such as air delivery rate, power consumption, and blade size. 

Let us take a look at some of the best high-speed ceiling fans by Anemos: 

  1. Mega designer ceiling fan is best suited for large areas like godowns/warehouses, factories, supermarkets, etc. They circulate a vast amount of air and give a cooling effect across the area without creating any turbulence or noise. They bring down operation costs by consuming less electricity and are an economical solution to HVLS fans.

  2. The name Altus does justice to the Latin origin. Altus’s sleek design makes it a suitable choice for any modern décor and a great resort for all seasons as it is a classic modern ceiling fan with a reversible function. Such fans are best suited for high ceilings in wide-open areas.

  3. The Bodega Ceiling Fan is a rustic, industrial, and minimalistic designed ceiling fan. It works best with industrial décor, be it your large dining area or office space. Bodega ceiling fans look aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and fit perfectly for all seasons.

  4. Neptune Ceiling Fan: It is one of the beautiful designer ceiling fans inspired by the design of the Neptune designer. It is an eye-catching constellation fan that perfectly fits any room, especially above the dining room area, making it a must-have for your home with fusion decor. This powerful fan comes with remote control, distributing air uniformly across the room.
  5. Dyson Heater Bladeless Table Fans: A bladeless fan is based on air-multiplier technology, which can generate an impressive airflow within the room. It has blades hidden in the base. Here, the compressor in the base of the fan draws in air. It directs it towards the ring, and the air is pushed out through 16-mm slits, and then you enjoy the result– smooth, unhindered stream of air!

  6. Kyoto Ceiling Fan, the Chinese artistry-inspired ceiling fan, is a simple and elegant design to boast. An ideal and perfect fit for any room and goes well with modern-style décor. It is a budget-friendly, super-efficient fan with a white glossy body finish. For the Jive, Kyoto BK is a cheaper option with AC mode.  

  7. Acqua Ceiling Fan : A thoughtfully designed beautiful ceiling fan, is based on the gyro principle. Due to its uniform movement, it provides maximum air, reaching every room corner. It is an ideal fit for your house, especially if you have vintage-style or industrial decor. It is a remote-controlled fan with a light in its centre, suitable for a dining area, living room, etc.

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