Can sleeping with a ceiling fan help improve sleep?

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Ceiling fans can be the best option to sleep with to relax your body and brain instead of an AC or cooler. However, an AC or cooler can be tempting but isn't  the best option for your health. But sleeping with a fan on is always a better option as it provides us with natural sleep and several benefits. Want to know more? Read on for some benefits of sleeping with ceiling fans.

Here are some of the best types of fans to improve your sleep quality.

Here are the 3 Reasons - How Ceiling Fans can help you sleep better? 

Air Circulation:

There are several benefits when there is proper air circulation in a room. Therefore it is important to have air circulation in a room as it helps to keep the room ventilated. This makes the room less stagnated and more airflow. It also helps to prevent stagnant smell, mold and dissipate odours. This will make people breathe better and make them feel less claustrophobic. According to a study conducted in 2008, a person can reduce the risk of SIDs by 70% by sleeping with a ceiling fan on. Sleeping with a ceiling fan ensures that the air constantly moves, creating a pleasant and safe breathing environment.

White Noise:

Sleeping with a ceiling fan is effective as they whisper quite that can be soothing for many people and helps them to sleep better. Fans being whisper quite helps  your brain focus on turning off and letting you sleep. Fans are designed to be whisper-quiet and block out the sudden sounds that can wake us up during the night. The constant whir sound helps to maintain a breezy and comfortable sleep environment.


This is one of the most obvious and important benefits of sleeping with a ceiling fan. Most people use fans to keep themselves cool and control the temperature. The reason why people use fans along with air conditioners is that fans create a breezy feeling as it encourages the core body temperature to drop.

Temperature plays an imperative role in your sleep quality. The environment around them plays an important role to fans and helps to sleep better while keeping the room cool and ventilated. An extremely hot room will disrupt your sleep due to the warmth, whereas an extremely cold room won't let you sleep due to the cold. Sleeping in comfortably cool rooms can positively affect your sleep cycle. Therefore, it is important to maintain the temperature in the room without making it too cold and too hot to improve your sleep cycle.


Fans are an effective tool in your room and can improve your sleep environment by making your room cooler, more ventilated, and quiet. In addition, having a ceiling fan in the room helps to fall asleep comfortably. Anemos fans are whisper quiet and still keeps room ventilated for best sleep. 

Enjoy the superior sleep of comfort you deserve with Anemos.

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