What are the recent advancements in the technology of ceiling fans?

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What are BLDC Fans?

We have had ceiling fans since the early 1900s, and they have made a big difference in comfort in our lives, especially before air conditioning. But, even with A/C ceiling fans keep the airflow moving and help air-conditioned air to feel much cooler than it saving on the amount of electricity consumed. Therefore, even with central air conditioning ceiling fans have remained an important part in the world of comfort. Until recently there was no real advancement in this space. Ceiling fans were only a device to help move air. Their looks were boring and outdated. Many designers were ditching them as part of home décor projects. But not anymore, just as how lifestyle and trends evolves, so have ceiling fans. They have become crucial while planning the interiors of the room. Few of the top advancement over the period of few years are:

Best Remote Control Fans

Sometimes we feel lazy to switch off/on fans, so here comes the new advancement of remote-controlled fans. Using a remote, we can operate the speed and the lighting of the fans . These fans are very sleek and add an oomph factor to your living spaces. Moreover, they are available in many shapes and sizes. And have an easy installation process. Thus making our life more comfortable and enjoyable.

Best Ceiling Fans With Light

Minimal and Efficient, Ceiling Fans with light give a good decor option for your living rooms, drawing rooms, dining areas, or outside areas. Ceiling Fans With Light add a fantastic tinted touch to your home. You can be comfortable during summers and warm during winters. These fans have the advantage that they don't hog space for lights and efficiently illuminate the room. These cooling fans are aesthetic pleasing looks elegant. Fans with light are choice of most of the designers to lift up the space interiors.

3D Printing

Finally, a little over 10 years into the new century the high-end ceiling fan manufacturer’s began getting creative. They got creative with ceiling fan blade styling, much in part to advancements allowed with the use of molds designed through 3D printing. New materials used to simulate wood perfectly for fan blades have allowed for things other than flat, old fashioned wooden fan blades.These new blade designs have drastically been able to change the boring appearance of many ceiling fans.

BLDC Motor

Since the blades have evolved the designer focus shifted and the problem became how to do away with the traditional, large and bulky fan motor housing that had been around since the ceiling fans invention. Along came the use of BLDC ceiling fan motors that helped to solve that problem. Not only do new DC fan motors achieve an impressive improvement in energy efficiency and quietness over the traditional AC fan motors, but many times they can generate better power at less power consumption, allowing for much increased air movement. The future is already here in ceiling fans. We are here to help you make the jump in replacing your tired, old fashioned fans to smart and luxurious ceiling fans. Fans that can save you as much as 90% on energy consumption when compared to your non-smart AC type fans. Browse from our best ceiling fans collection here!

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