Benefits of Buying Energy Efficient Fans?

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In a tropical country like India, rising temperatures during the summer months always make a headline on the front page. Fans are an essential appliance in every household during this season. They are an important part of our everyday lives. A number of factors need to be considered before buying a fans like electricity, price, and designs. Ceiling fans are an important way to improve your home energy usage. An Energy-efficient ceiling fan uses BLDC technology motor that typically consumes very less energy and can reduce power consumption by up to 60%.

Here are certain benefits of using energy efficient fans:

Reduction in electricity bills If you’ve been struggling to reduce electricity bills in summer, install energy-efficient fans in your homes. Fans contribute to approximately 25 percent of the electricity consumption in households. Opting for energy-efficient fans will reduce annual bills drastically. Our Contribution To A Sustainable Environment Sustainability is the way ahead! To reduce your carbon footprint, you needn’t make drastic changes, small efforts in the right direction can be rewarding. Energy-efficient fans are up to 50 percent energy saving over standard ceiling fans.

Good Air Delivery

Energy efficient ceiling fans provide good air delivery and consume lesser power. This feature not only helps to keep the room cool but also keeps the electricity bill in check. These fans also operate without noise and are smooth. Energy Efficient Fans Are No Longer Boring If you are looking forward to renovating or refurnishing the aesthetics of your homes, look for designer energy-efficient fans. We have recently launched designer fans that are beautiful in design, effective, and energy-efficient. So, invest in an excellent energy-efficient fan.

Energy-efficient fans are the need of the hour. With a range of fans that are not just pleasing to the eye but also energy saving, you will find a perfect fan to match your home aesthetic need from Anemos Fan Collection.

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