What are the top-selling Illuminated Ceiling Fans at Anemos?

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What are Ceiling Fans with lights? 

Ceiling fans installed with lights are known as Illuminated ceiling fans. These fans illuminate the room and make the room look bright. They are an edge over other fans as they provide air and light with both. If you are trying to balance modern decor and a perfect ceiling, then these types of fans are a perfect choice.   

Benefits of ceiling fans with lights?

  • As the two furniture kits (lights and fans) are cleverly combined into one device, it saves space and reduces energy waste. 
  • The cost and maintenance management of the two devices will be reduced and saves a lot of money in the initial cost. 
  • The stylish appearance of the ceiling fan with bright light can also add a style to the interior. After LED lights are combined with ceiling fans, the light output is not too bright and dazzling but soothing. 
  • The heat dissipated by light is also moved away by the fan, thus keeping the room temperature at balance. 

These fans are pleasing for contemporary nautical rooms and softer modern looks. 

Top Ceiling Fans with lights at ANEMOS. 

Are you curious about where to buy ceiling fans  with lights? Check out these great features that will help you make your decisions easier.  

Belle Epoque brown ceiling fan  

Although a quiet fan, Belle Epoque is quite powerful, making it a wonderful pick for places like walk-in wardrobes or a small reading area in your house. It comes with a fabric shade underneath the lights. Visit Anemos to illuminate your interior space. 

Belle Epoque brown ceiling fan

Nestro AB Ceiling Fan 

Captivating design, energy-efficient, and strong airflow make the Nestro a top pick for your master bedrooms, living rooms, study areas, etc. It’s a designer ceiling fan with an elegant design with light controlled by a remote in the centre. 

Nestro AB Ceiling Fan

Fiore RB Ceiling Fan  

A great mix of design and functionality, based on the centrifugal force principle, the Fiore is a vintage style fan with a hand-sprayed tea-stained finish and centre lighting, which looks great over a desk or dining table. Goes well with the antique style décor. 

Fiore RB Ceiling Fan

Jive Hugger Light ORB Ceiling Fan 

Highest-selling ceiling fan on Anemos 

The Jive Hugger is a contemporary design ceiling fan best suited for: 

  • Modern spaces with low heights, 
  • Compact apartments 

Comes with remote control for the light and speed of the fan. 

Jive Hugger Light ORB Ceiling Fan

Whatever your style, bringing in a new light source with your fan is a great way to maximize your fan experience. We at Anemos cater to a variety of light fans. To illuminate your home, Visit us! 

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