Which one is better: Pedestal fans or Tower fans?

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Your interior space is closely perfect, but the final question arises: what to choose: pedestal fans or tower fans?

Let us see!

What are Pedestal fans?

They are electrically powered devices used to circulate a cool breeze around your home. They are mobile. The weather in countries like India can get extremely hot and humid, so investing in a soothing ventilation system such as a pedestal fan can be very useful. They are not only a real powerhouse but also save more energy. Since you only require a power outlet for them to work, they can easily be used in any room of your home, depending upon your changing requirements.

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Swan Bladeless Pedestal Fan

What are Tower Fans?

A tower fan is a tall, tower-shaped fan stationed on a base over which it oscillates. A tiny inlet at the side of the tower fan casing allows air to get drawn in. It blows out air at a 90-degree angle which, when combined with the fan's height, contributes to a wider coverage area in circulating the cool air. Most tower fans are designed with an inbuilt air purifier. They also come with remote controls for convenience. Tower fans have a detachable air filter that pulls in pollen and dust.

Arden ORB Pedestal Fan

Comparative analysis as to choose what

Pedestal fans are more powerful than tower fans – they're great for large areas. They're also quieter than tower fans. On the other hand, a tower fan works best placed a few feet away from you. Pedestal fans are for strong airflow, and tower fans are for close cooling.

Tower fans are smaller while pedestal fans are bigger, therefore more airflow. Tower fans gather less space as they are slim and tall, while pedestal fans gather more space as they have a large base.

Tower fans look more modern when compared with pedestal fans. 


There are different requirements for different areas; therefore, pedestal fans work great for larger areas, as they are more powerful, while for areas of direct cooling and soft breeze, tower fans work great when placed nearby. We at Anemos will serve the best for what you require. Visit us now!

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