What to choose - Contemporary or Vintage ceiling fans?

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Ceiling fans are an amazing addition to any space, be it office, dining room, balcony, drawing room, etc., because of the comfort and lighting they can provide. Despite the misconception that fans are not attractive, there are many modern fan designs that Anemos provides, and they can surely elevate any interior project. In the same way, it provides antique ceiling fans. Your type of interior will decide the type of ceiling fan required, i.e., you need light coloured or dark coloured, modern/contemporary or antique/vintage, led built or without it, etc. 

Modern ceiling fans are also known as mid-century or contemporary ceiling fans. They are not old-fashioned and are built on the latest technology. While antique ceiling fans are old-fashioned and built on old technology., they are built on antique designs and rustic backgrounds.

Types of contemporary and antique style fans- 


1). Combine a contemporary flush mount ceiling fan in a classic finished great look in your bedroom. The ceiling fan will provide comfort with increased airflow and a soothing effect on your room. Anemos Irene TB Ceiling Fan is one such type of fan.


    Irene TB Ceiling Fan 




    2). White ceilings and walls are the perfect backdrops for a black and wooden coloured ceiling fan. These styles are perfect for an antique rustic room when combined with an antique fan. Anemos provides such fans at a great cost. For ex-




      FINO RB



      3). The clean lines of a contemporary fan are the perfect addition to a modern bedroom and seating area. It will surely provide good air circulation throughout the room. Anemos is one such brand that deals in providing soothing fans that are one on one addition to your interior.


        HUGH DZ FAN



        Whether you choose a modern ceiling fan or an antique ceiling fan, choose the perfect one-on-one for your space. Ceiling fans increase the comfort of a room, and they come in such a variety that you are sure to find at ANEMOS to complement your space.

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